Monday, December 22, 2008

Joshua Tyler West Jr

Tyler was born Monday Dec 1st at 11:56am. He weighed in at 8lbs 9oz and 21 in long. While getting my epidural his heart rate dropped and would niot come back up. I ended up having to have an emergency c-section. Not what i had "planned" or hoped for at all. Due to it being emergency... i was knocked out. Therefore I dont remember anything about it. This bothered me for over a week, but he is here and healthy and all that I could ask for.
Tatum and Ashlyn did great with him in the hospital and loved coming to see him everyday! Tatum loves to hold him ALL the time! Ashlyn likes to hold him, get her fix and then she is off doing her own thing again. Tatum on the other hand has to be right under me at all times trying to figure out what needs to be done with Tyler!
Our family is now complete!