Sunday, May 31, 2009

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Saturday, May 30, 2009


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Well, it has been way to long since i posted last. My life is flashing before me..... Tyler will be 6 months old on Monday, Tatum turned 5 this past March and Ashlyn will be 4 at the end of August.
These last several months have been a whirlwind....
We have been to the doctor more times than i can count with Tyler. At 9 weeks old, Tyler got sick for about 6-7 weeks straight. He ended up having several ear infections, which almost led us to get TUBES.... and he had RSV. Luckly we did not have to go to the hospital, but we did have to do numerous breathing treatments at home. During this time we had to do this with Ashlyn several times as well.
Tyler rolled from belly to back at 4 months old, and then he rolled from back to belly at almost 5 months. He is now rolling all the time and i am sure that he will be rolling to get things soon.

OUR BIGGEST PROBLEM!!!!! He will NOT take a bottle.... Did you read that clearly, he WILL not. Do you know how hard that makes it for me. Luckly he nurses in about 5-7 minutes and is then done. But it does make it very hard to leave him for a long period.

The girls are loving him more and more everyday... They are so sweet to him.
Several days ago i heard him crying in the living room, i went to see what the problem was.....
What did i see.... Tyler completely naked on the floor and Tatum trying to change his diaper. She was really being so sweet to him, but he definitely didn't like it!!!

I will post pictures soon. Tyler has changed so much in the past 6 months.
At 4 months he weighed in at 15.13 and then i had to go back two weeks later for another ear check and he was at 17lbs.

I am sure he is pushing 18 lbs now. He feels like he is starting to level out some. He has NO rolls, he is just thick!!!

Thats all for now. Will post more soon!